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Bando Rolls (Banana Pudding Egg rolls)

Do you love the smell of thanksgiving on a regular day? The essence of Vanilla and warm bananas fill the air as this delicate dessert is being fried and is nothing short of amazing. The way that your mouth will water....the urge to taste....the urge to crack it open....the taste that remains on your tongue....are you ready for these bad boys?

Let me introduce you to our Bando Rolls (Banana pudding egg rolls). A warm delicate dessert that is sure to make your guest go crazy. Our very own twist to a classic recipe we all know and love. You don't need much to achieve these showstoppers. All you need is your grandmas famous banana pudding recipe or ours preferably, i'm just saying (recipe for sale) and some egg roll wrappers.

Now I've used a bunch of different brands of egg roll wrappers. Some i have vowed never to use again. My all time favorite brand to use is the Nasoya Egg roll wraps. Not only are they very easy to work with and easy to roll, but they are made with some easy to taste high quality wheat flour. One trick when rolling up your egg rolls is to let them sit on a wooden plank until you are done. This prevents them from getting soggy and breaking. While you are rolling up your egg rolls make sure your oil is warming up. You want that oil nice and hot but not too hot or else your egg roll will burn.

Once you hear that sizzle from dropping the Bando Rolls in the oil you are instantly smacked with the warm savory smells of thanksgiving. The essence of Vanilla and warm bananas are sure to make your mouth salivate. One thing we all love about banana pudding are the layers of cookies mixed with the homey vanilla pudding and bananas. Now i know you'r probably wondering how do my cookies fit into this egg roll? Where does it go? As soon as your Bando rolls are golden brown in color take it out the grease and throw it into your crushed cookies of choice from your recipe of choice. Coat the bando rolls in the cookies and set them aside.

Let them rest as the remaining Bando rolls are being cooked. DO NOT i repeat DO NOTeat them as soon as they come out of the pot. You must let them cool for at least 2 minutes before biting into them. If you cant resist the temptation like me, then cut them in half and get ready to put your lungs to work. If not you WILL get burned by the warm pudding inside. Don't say i didn't warn you.

Drizzle some caramel sauce or get funky and drizzle what flavor is appeasing to your tastebuds at the time on top once they are cracked open and take a trip to heaven. That first bite is EVERYTHING you have been waiting for!!! From the crunch of the cookies and egg the burst of warm vanilla goodness... to the melting banana and hint of caramel fighting to caress your taste buds all at once. This is a dessert to remember.

Head on over to the Mega Spot to be the first to grab our Mega recipe for our irresistible Bando rolls.

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